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HOWTO: Manually Backup Snapshots via Amazon Elasticsearch Service

Like many of you, my first stop when encountering a need to manually backup a few Amazon Elasticsearch Service clusters recently included the AWS ES FAQ page itself. At the bottom of the page, there are a couple relevant pieces of information (re-posting here for convenience): Q: Can I create…

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A potential reimagining of the Scrub Daddy product

If you don’t already know or don’t keep up with ABC’s Shark Tank, the ‘Scrub Daddy’ is the best performing product ever featured. Earlier this year, it was reported that the company had sold more than 10 million units and made over $50 million in sales with some assistance from…

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My experience with the Oculus Rift & VR @CES (then and now)

CES is an often overwhelming yet inspiring week of technological advancement that, candidly, also serves as forced global commerce enablement. After about an hour of waiting in a well-behaved line alongside the huge Oculus black box on the show floor, I was able to secure around 10 minutes with a…

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Watching someone lose $35,000 in 15 minutes

As CES week comes to a close, many attendees choose to enjoy their free time in various ways. Some attend elusive, high-profile events and parties while others enjoy other types of entertainment (read: David Copperfield’s live show at the Mirage) amongst other questionable activities. For someone who has visited Las…

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Expressing gratitude for customers & partners

This holiday season, I was pleasantly surprised to see a trend continue that I thought had all but disappeared: physical thank you cards for customers & partners. While there were certainly occasional decadent boxes of chocolates and aspirationally vintage bottles of wine accompanying them, there were also a number of…

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On the need to more easily manage multi-team Slack communication

Slack has rapidly emerged as one of the darlings of Silicon Valley and an incredibly powerful collaboration tool for both startups and large organizations. During its rapid ascent, I’ve been using it off-and-on personally across a number of different Slack team affiliations like Product Managers. Back onto the subject of…

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