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About Jonathan

I’m a product designer, software engineer and startup evangelist. I love building businesses, teams and new products together with intelligent, driven and passionate people.

Currently heads-down as Director of Product for Tempus and serving as Co-Founder at WÜF.

I often serve as a conference speaker, primarily on topics like the design of mobile enterprise apps, API engineering and startup team-building. I’ve had the opportunity to speak at incredible events like SecondConf and the Twilio Conference as well as at Apple retail stores and in Apple corporate briefings in Cupertino, California. I also actively contribute to the Chicago technology community through mentoring and advising a select group of early and growth-stage startups.

In my previous role as Vice President, Product at Zest Health, I was responsible for our platform, mobile products (iOS and Android), analytics and supporting web applications spanning design, software engineering, marketing and product development.

In an earlier role as VP of Product & Mobile for Yello (formerly known as RECSOLU), I led product development and focused on the customer experience, API architecture and mobile applications in a mission to reinvent face-to-face recruiting via a SaaS enterprise platform and connected mobile apps.

Previously, I served as mobile technology strategist and headed the design team for Lextech, a mobile engineering group responsible for industry-changing mobile applications on behalf of their Fortune-1000 enterprise customers.

Earlier, I built and led the mobile applications / R&D group for the Tribune Company where I was responsible for several dozen apps from conception to shipping including the L.A. Times (iOS, Android), Chicago Blackhawks (Android), etc as well as the architecture, design and delivery of mobile tools and APIs used across newspaper, radio and television businesses.

Academically, I received a bachelor’s degree in political science from the University of Michigan and a master’s degree in computer & information systems from Northwestern University.

• Mobile Product Design and Engineering
• Building, Prototyping, Shipping
• Enterprise Mobile Strategy
• Strategic Partnerships & Business Development
• iPhone, iPad & Android App Development
• Platform & API Design & Development
• Product Marketing