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Expressing gratitude for customers & partners

This holiday season, I was pleasantly surprised to see a trend continue that I thought had all but disappeared: physical thank you cards for customers & partners. While there were certainly occasional decadent boxes of chocolates and aspirationally vintage bottles of wine accompanying them, there were also a number of notable, meaningful and eloquent hand-written notes.

A majority of these letters contained messages conveying gratitude, emotion and most importantly, a sense of authenticity. I’ve found, like many others, that our culture has veered from thoughtful and composed writing to quick-form, immediately gratifying 1-liners. As such, it’s increasingly important to fully consider each of our relationships and/or partnerships and communicate their value and meaning to the other party.

I’ll take this lesson into consideration later this year when I attempt to repay the favor and thank our customers and partners in a more personal and written manner than years past.


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